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About Us

Bill Holden had a local map and boxes of fresh mushrooms in the back of his car when he started selling produce in 1990.

Holden saw an opportunity to sell fresh mushrooms to restaurants – at the time, most were using canned mushrooms and his uncle Mario had invested in a mushroom farm and needed a sales rep in southern New Hampshire. So Holden, a Boston native, packed up his car and headed out on the road.

Holden soon realized that his customers needed more than just fresh mushrooms —they also wanted lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and a variety of fresh produce. He decided to buy fresh produce from large markets in Boston and started delivering to local restaurants.

Within months, he bought a delivery truck. Several years later, his father became his business partner and Holden Fruit & Produce grew, eventually acquiring a fleet of refrigerated trucks to supply farm fresh products from Boston to New Hampshire.

More than 20 years later, Holden Fruit & Produce is a family-owned and operated business. Today, we have a warehouse and processing facility just outside the New England Produce Center.

With Online Ordering and a 24-Hour Phone Order Line, you can be assured that the freshest products are always on hand.

Delivering what customers want, when they want it, and how they want it, is still Bill Holden’s mantra. Holden Fruit & Produce now has a variety of different product lines, including its signature "Junior's Pre-Cut" line of custom-prepared fruits and vegetables.

Holden Fruit & Produce's product lines include:
• Fruits & Vegetables
• Junior's Pre-Cut
• Meat & Dairy
• Specialty Items

And yes, Bill Holden still sells fresh mushrooms from his uncle's farm – they’re a top-seller.

Business Address

Holden Fruit & Produce
1 Griffin Way
Chelsea, Massachusetts 02150
Click here for directions (google maps)

Contact Information

Phone: 617.889.2204
Fax: 617.884.4863

About Us

Holden Fruit & Produce delivers a wide array of fresh fruits and vegetables to restaurants, food service businesses and grocers.